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Welcome to the website of the Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC). The CYC is the officially recognized voice of the 1.2 Billion young people of the Commonwealth. It is the largest and most diverse youth-led organization in the world. CYC plays an integral role in advancing the youth development agenda and co-ordination of activities and policies of the Commonwealth in the field of youth. The council works for and represents the voice of all young people within the 52 Commonwealth nations.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government in Perth endorsed the establishment of the Commonwealth Youth Council in November 2011.

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Strategic Plans

CYC's strategic plans that have been discussed and agreed upon

Economic Agenda

The young people of the Commonwealth, recognise that youth unemployment is one of the greatest challenges facing member states. Unemployment is detrimental at any age; but for young people, long-term unemployment has particularly significant implications. Employed and entrepreneurial young people are making an enormous contribution to economic growth across the Commonwealth.

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Environmental Agenda

Climate change continues to be a major challenge for all member states, particularly for climate vulnerable developing countries. As such, the Commonwealth Youth Council emphasise the importance of expanding access to efficient, secure and sustainable energy sources and mitigating climate change, in accordance with national priorities.

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Political Agenda

Given the increasingly large global demographic, it is essential for member states to place young people at the centre of sustainable development. Their needs, aspirations, challenges and ability to contribute should be taken seriously. In particular, special efforts should be made to ensure that the voices of marginalised young people are taken into account. Especially, as young people work to build a peaceful world, it is important to note that reconciliation and cultural understanding are critical components of the pathway to social cohesion.

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Social Agenda

Young people are key stakeholders in education but they are not always consulted when policies that directly affect them are being formulated, implemented or evaluated. National youth policies need to respond to the challenges facing young people, including access to support services and information relating to Sexual and Reproductive Health, mental health and non-communicable diseases

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CYC Executives

The backbone of Commonwealth Youth Council and the ones that are empowering it

Kishva Ambigapathy

Kishva is currently the elected Chairperson of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Kishva Ambigapathy
Nikoli Jean-Paul Edwards
Vice Chairperson (Policy, Advocacy & Projects)

Nikoli is currently the Vice Chairperson of Policy, Advocacy & Projects of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Nikoli Jean-Paul Edwards
Faith Manthi
Vice Chairperson (Partnerships & Resources)

Faith Manthi is the Vice Chairperson, Partnership and Resources for the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Faith Manthi
Angelique Pouponneau
Vice Chairperson (Inclusion & Engagement)

Angelique Pouponneau, 26 years old, from the Seychelles is the Vice-chairperson for Inclusion and Engagement of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Angelique Pouponneau
Sharonice Divinnia Busch
Regional Representative (Africa & Europe)

Sharonice is currently the Regional Representative of Africa & Europe of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Sharonice Divinnia Busch
Pravin Nikam
Regional Representative (Asia)

Pravin is currently Asia's Regional Representative of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Pravin Nikam
Sujae Boswell
Regional Representative (Caribbean and the Americas)

Sujae is currently the Regional Representative of the Caribbean and the Americas of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Sujae Boswell
Christina Giwe
Regional Representative (Pacific)

Christina is currently the Regional Representative for the Pacific of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Christina Giwe
David Aoneaka Rupa
Representative (Special Interest Groups)

David is currently the Representative for Special Interest Groups of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

David Aoneaka Rupa

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