Inspirational Devika Malik

Speaking to Devika Malik, there is only one word that comes to mind, inspirational.

Recently appointed to the position of focal point for people with disabilities of the standing committee of the Office of Special Interest Groups, Devika Malik was born a female with disability in India and this has enabled her to have a sensitised world view. She had a case of congenital hemiplegia (partial paralysis and weakness in left arm & left leg) and her mother a paraplegic for the last 17 years; and being raised in a family of Army Officers, these factors sensitized her towards the cause of inclusive society & peace since a young age.

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Commonwealth Women Leaders summit- Youth Intervention


Economic Empowerment of Young women

By Angelique Pouponneau

On behalf of the Commonwealth Youth Council and the Commonwealth Youth Gender Equality Network


My name is Angelique Pouponneau from the Seychelles and currently I sit as the Vice-Chairperson for inclusion and engagement of the Commonwealth Youth Council and a member of the Commonwealth Youth Gender Equality Network. I also sit on the Executive Management Team of the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network for youth and enterprise.

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CYC aims to represent youth of all gender identities

map homos

These past couple of weeks, many cities in the world have hosted Pride parades to celebrate the achievements of LGBT cultures and communities. Being in London on Saturday 25 June myself, it was great to see the LGBT community and the public come together in support for equal rights, dignity, and the end of discrimination and violence against LGBTs around the world. It was great to see each and everyone at the parade to feel so free and at liberty to be themselves regardless of sexuality, gender, races, and colour. Being a Canadian myself, it was great to hear that Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, attend the Pride parade in Toronto on Sunday 3 July. I believe it was the first time ever for a world leader to have participated in the Pride parade. In a recent interview on Daily Xtra, Trudeau emphasis Canada’s important role in promoting awareness of LGBT rights around the world.

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