International Youth Day 2018!

2018 International Youth Day.

International youth day is celebrated annually on the 12th of August. The day was declared by United Nations to campaign for the inclusion, development and empowerment of youth in building the world we want. It is also a day that youth across the globe renew their call to their national governments to honor and deliver on their promises to youth on inclusion, development and empowerment.

The Theme for this year’s International Youth Day is SAFE SPACES FOR YOUTH.
Young people need safe spaces where they can come together, engage in activities related to their diverse needs and interests, participate in decision making processes and freely express themselves. While there are many types of spaces, safe spaces ensure the dignity and safety of youth. Safe spaces such as civic spaces enable youth to engage in governance issues; public spaces afford youth the opportunity to participate in sports and other leisure activities in the community; digital spaces help youth interact virtually across borders with everyone; and well planned physical spaces.

The Commonwealth Youth Council applauds the Commonwealth states for the work done to create safe spaces and inclusion of young people’s voices in governance and development. Indeed much has been done, and much is yet to be done.

We call on governments to ensure that young people have spaces to thrive, learn, share and truly create influence on matters that affect them. This includes addressing environmental challenges and climate change, ensuring that the regulatory environment is favorable for young entrepreneurs to thrive and tackling unemployment, ensuring that their human rights are respected including their freedom of speech and association among others.

The diversity of young people must also be taken into account. Intersectionalities such as race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and religion must be taken into account and spaces should be created to include all including those that are differently abled, young women and girls, LGBTQI, young persons living in humanitarian and conflict situations and other minority groups.

Young people have the solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges and they must be given the spaces to contribute towards solving them.

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Rough ride to road safety in Bangladesh.

The Commonwealth Youth Council is increasingly concerned for the safety of the  young people caught up in the recent protests over road safety in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh.
Young people have a right to speak out on issues of concern to them and have their opinion heard without fear of intimidation or the threat of violence. Freedom of expression is enshrined as a core value in the Commonwealth Charter.
It is a matter of concern that a number of young people taking part in the demonstrations in the capital have been injured this past week.
We are deeply concerned about the reports of violence and call on all for calm. The concerns expressed by youth about road safety are legitimate and a solution is needed to ensure the safety of all, including the young people.
In conclusion the Commonwealth Youth Council is affirming it’s mandate by

 urgently calling on all parties to ensure the safety of all people- including the young people- and their protection from any kind of violence. The CYC believes in creating safer space for youth development and will continue to champion youth cause within the Commonwealth.

Malawi & An End to Gender-based Violence


Maestros Leadership Team joins the campaign to end violence against women and girls. #OrangeUrWORLD. Through a partnership with Ministry of Justice through the Blantyre High Court, Malawi Police & Women Judges Association of Malawi, Maestros Leadership Team took a leading role in the inaugural event for 16 Days activism to end violence against women and girls. Read more

Empowering through Assistive Technologies

A project by: Enable Lanka Foundation, Sri Lanka

In the evolution of approaches from a charity-based one to a right-based one concerning the process of addressing the issues of persons with disabilities, the omnipotent presence of charity-based initiatives have caused a lag in the sustainable development all over the world. Specially this trend is visible as highly prevalent in developing nations most of which are commonwealth member states. Enable Lanka foundation which is an organization pioneering to mainstream disability inclusion in Sri Lanka, has come up with an innovative solution for the upliftment of education and social independence with regard to the visually impaired persons who constitute a greater portion in terms of the entire realm of persons with disabilities.

Young and Combating Climate Change

Dillon is 27 years old and hails from the island of Bequia, an island that is just 18 square kilometres, and one of 32 islands and cays in the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Just a few months ago, he was awarded the Queen’s Young Leaders Award. Also, he recently attended the One Young World Summit in Canada and now serves as a One Young World Ambassador! Dillon is a cofounder of non-profit group called Rise Up Bequia, and he has also been doing work to bring awareness to climate change in his community not just through community projects but also through poetry.

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Youth Climate change action in Nigeria

The Commonwealth Youth Council met with Adeniyi Ayoola, a Young African Leaders Initiative alumni who loves to volunteer especially for SDG13. Adeniyi Ayoola is the founder of the Initiative for A Greener Africa, IGAfrica, a social entrepreneurship firm working to build the capacity of rural youth and women to become more productive, creating awareness on climate change and promoting gleaning services.

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Environmental Education Is Key to Solving Our Waste Problem

Williams S. Anarfi explains – environmental education is becoming increasingly important as our lives, cities and priorities change. As our cities become more congested and busy, knowledge of the impact we each have on our surroundings becomes more and more crucial. Equally important however, is our understanding of how we can contribute to protecting the environment around us.

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