Chairperson’s Pacific Tour

19 APRIL – 22 APRIL 2017
Left: Kishva Ambigapathy attended the Malaysian Summit of Australia (MASA) as a guest speaker to discuss Transformasi National 2050 (National Transformation 2050).
Right: Kishva Ambigapathy met with Jack Milne, Lead Advisor for the Commonwealth Youth Council’s Inclusion & Engagement Committee, to discuss the empowerment of youth with disabilities & the youth of the Pacific Region!

23 APRIL – 25 APRIL 2017
Kishva Ambigapathy with the Hon. Speaker & the young MP’s of Fiji who engaged in discussions on the CYC & the engagement of Pacific youth. Furthermore, he had the opportunity to speak to the Youth & Sports Minister of Fiji on the development of young people in the country and the Commonwealth Youth Minister’s Meeting taking place in Uganda later this year. The Chairperson also had the pleasure of meeting the Former Deputy Prime Minister at the Parliament of Fiji; they discussed the involvement of young people in politics & governance.

25 APRIL – 29 APRIL 2017
Left: Kishva Ambigapathy met with Samoa National Youth Council to discuss Commonwealth youth issues and the engagement of youth in the region.
Right: Meeting with Women In Business Development (WIBDI) Samoa which aims to create entrepreneurs by building capacities of young people (especially from rural villages) in organic farming & business skills.