Commonwealth Women’s Mentorship Scheme


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Mentorship programme to empower Commonwealth young women

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Commonwealth women’s mentorship scheme launches in Caribbean

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CWMS 2018

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Impact of the Scheme

My one main goals for the program has been to develop a draft mentorship framework for indigenous youths in the country. I am happy to report that I have been able to get this done! I am also thankful for this Program which provided a first-hand view of such networks operate!

-Sara, Guyana

I've grown my business and found funding to buy sewing machines with great assistance from my mentor, Liz Coz. I've also grown professionally and improved the scale of my SRHR activities with girls and young women in addition to the help with personal issues going on in my life. CWMentors4Women is one of the opportunities in my life that I will never forget.

-Mildred, Malawi

I cannot find the right words that would adequately describe my Mentee Mildred from Malawi. She is one young lady who will rock the world in a few short years. The journey over the last six months was inspiring for me as Mildred showed growth with each conversation - we had 83 such! She was eager to learn and always had a bundle of questions whenever we spoke. I am looking forward to meeting her and to continue to provide guidance whenever she needs it.

-Liz Coz, Mentor, Guyana 

I've learned that uncertainty will be inevitable in my career path and my mentor has encouraged me to embrace uncertainty with courage and positivity. My growth within the program wasn't a result of having all my questions answered or knowing the "right steps to take". Rather, I found growth in navigating the unknown and acquiring the confidence to find the answers with the help of my mentors.

Diary of a Commonwealth mentee

Faith Oloruntoba’s story with her mentor and her reflections.


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Winnie’s First Experience and her final blog, Mentorship as a Signboard.

My mentorship experience was a signboard that has reshaped my perspective, plans and thoughts of how different my 2018 will be! It has taught me to create a mission statement, a theme and daily mantra that I live upon 2018.






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