Commonwealth Youth Council Statement on Nigeria

October 23rd 2020

Over the past last two week, we have seen thousands of Nigerians, led by brave young people, call for reforms and better governance. Most recently, we have seen peaceful protestors being met with a brutal response. Reports of live ammunition being used on demonstrators in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria have dominated the media.

The Commonwealth Youth Council strongly condemns the escalation of violence that has led to death, injuries and wide-spread devastation in Lekki District in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. What we have witnessed at the Lekki Toll Gate, must never happen again.

The undeniable right of all Nigerian citizens to peaceful protest and freedom of assembly must be respected at all times. We stand with the young people of Nigeria and therefore, call for prompt and impartial investigations into these human rights violations, and the findings made public.

Today, we mourn for the lives of those brave, young people and their families and extend our deepest condolences. The CYC stands in solidarity with the people of Nigeria, and we urge all parties to develop a more lasting and inclusive solution that ensures the prosperity of the people of Nigeria, above all else.