Congratulations to the new Caribbean Regional Youth Council & Pacific Youth Council!

Caribbean Regional Youth Council

The following youth leaders have been elected to the Executive Board of the Caribbean Regional Youth Council 2017-2019 term. The new committee will shadow the current executive board and take over office January 1, 2017.

Check out the official Facebook post here.








Pacific Youth Council

The new Pacific Youth Council Board was elected at the June 2017 Pacific Youth Council 6th General Assembly in Suva:

1. Chair – Tahere Talaina Leota Siisiialafia – Samoa.
2. Vice Chair – Harry James Olikwailafa – Solomon Islands.
3. Treasurer – Lucille Sain – Chuuk, FSM
4. Secretary – Joe Higgs Kalo, Vanuatu.
5. Member – Niuone Lei Eliuta – Tuvalu.
6. Member – Rhonda Tiakia – Niue.

For more information about the election, click here.




The Commonwealth Youth Council would like to congratulate the elected youth leaders and wishes them success in heading the youth councils!