Commonwealth Youth Forum International Task Force Meeting in London

Every time I have the privilege of being with such impressive young people I see afresh the potential, importance and vivacity of our Commonwealth. You represent young people of many different races, religions, and cultures, yet share a spirit of goodwill and an inspiring determination to work together for the common good.

– Hon. Patricia Scotland, Commonwealth Secretary-General


Welcomed by Hon. Patricia Scotland on October 10, members of the international task force met in October for a weeklong planning for the Commonwealth Youth Forum. Set to take place next April in London alongside CHOGM, the weeklong meeting entailed lengthy discussions that will lay the foundation of this Forum.

The task force is under the leadership of Co-chairs Angelique Pouponneau (CYC’s Vice Chairperson for Inclusion and Engagement) and Leon Ward (British Youth Council). Members of the task force represented countries from across the Commonwealth – Ghana, Rwanda, Zambia, Seychelles, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Samoa, Canada, The Bahamas, and Trinidad and Tobago.

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Watch our video of the Day 3 shenanigans by the task force working hard bring youth a successful Commonwealth Youth Forum!