Economic Agenda

  1. The establishment of a youth employment policy across the Commonwealth and a “People’s Bank”, to match the skills of young people with jobs available, and to make young people prepared for the labour market. The “People’s Bank would be an online and offline platform whereby young people seeking decent employment would register their skills (Advocacy of UN & ILO Youth Employment Policy launched at UN ECOSOC Youth Forum).
  2. To support youth entrepreneurship by facilitating easier access to technology and start-up finance for young people, particularly those unable to furnish collateral.
  3. To facilitate the creation of decent job opportunities for young people, particularly for those living with disabilities, displaced persons, youth of various ethnic backgrounds and indigenous communities, young migrant workers, LGBTQI+ youth, other minority groups, and homeless young people.
  4. The creation of a programme to ensure access to accurate information and the safe, effective contraception method of choice, which can improve the chance of survival and health outcomes, across the Commonwealth (Implemented in Strategic Plan: Social Agenda).
  5. Encouraging the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education and the establishment of inter- and intra-regional youth innovation and technology centres, as a means of disseminating knowledge, skills development, innovation and connectivity, thereby enhancing infrastructure in these areas.