Faith in the Commonwealth Training of Trainers, Nairobi, Kenya


14-16 DECEMBER 2017

The CYC, in partnership with the Commonwealth, the Khalili Foundation, the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network and the Directorate of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Public Service Youth and Gender Affairs conducted a Training of Trainers to equip 25  Kenyan youth with the tools to conduct workshops promoting social cohesion and cross-cultural understanding. 

“The young people are Kenya’s and Commonwealth great asset.”
Dr. Florence Muinde, Director, Directorate of Youth Affairs Kenya stated as she addressed trainees during the opening of the ToT. She further encouraged trainees to uphold the Commonwealth values and put them into practice to propagate a culture of understanding that aids sustainable youth development. 


The ToT kicked off with a learning session involving grounding of the young people to have a strong sense of self, their identities, and cultures. Topics of discussion included connecting by collaborating with people who have different perspectives, how to initiate a deeper understanding of our local and global communities and how change happens. 

Activities during the ToT focused on the aspect of facilitation, keeping in mind the learning objectives of value difference, self awareness, respect and understanding, dialogue and discussion skills, self confidence, youth empowerment, in carrying out various activities such as story of my shoes, gender or sex, theatre role play on conflict resolution. The young people also participated and facilitated on a power walk, problem tree, and community mapping as a way of going to the root cause of our problems in our communities and coming up with different ways of bringing change.

Trainees also had the opportunity to prepare a marketplace where they could showcase a small project that they are working on and need to upscale it using some of the learning objectives acquired which lean on respect and understanding and youth empowerment, or a new project that they would like to do! Through this activity, a lot of networking took place, which is beneficial to the trainees as they can work on projects together, and provide beneficial suggestions. Post ToT, these projects will be monitored and provided mentoring.

A definite success, the ToT was well-received by the 25 youth leaders and the CYC would like to wish these leaders all the best in their future endeavors!