Nauru establishes National Youth Council

The Commonwealth Youth Council was ecstatic to hear the news that Nauru established its National Youth Council on the 16th August 2016.  With the vision of having a National Youth Council in all the countries of the  Commonwealth this certainly came as good news.

The Nauru National Youth Council Board members are:
President: Alina Amwano
Vice President: De-Quartesa Akua
General Secretary: Tilson Ephraim
Assistant General Secretary: Riverina Scotty
Treasurer: Henry Dake
Assistant Treasurer: Agir Amwano
Other Members: Johny Young Olsson & Poison Scotty
NNYC Board Members
Nauru National Youth Council
Thank you to Josie-Ann Jacob the National Youth Delegate for Nauru for informing of us of this good news!

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