Vision and Mission


1. The vision of the Council shall be: ‘empowered and engaged young people, working for a better world’’.

2. The mission of the Council shall be: ‘’Empowering and engaging young people in sustainable development, democracy and the values of the Commonwealth’’


The primary objectives of the Council shall be:

a) to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Commonwealth by promoting mutual collaboration among young people, and working in partnership with state and non-state actors in order to empower the young people of the Commonwealth, without distinction of race, ethnic origin, caste, colour, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, special needs, socio-economic status, marital status, language, religious belief or political opinion;

b) to be a global platform which mainstreams young people into the work of the Commonwealth at all levels; supporting and advocating for an enabling environment that facilitates the active participation and influence of young people in decision-making processes, and the consideration of youth-specific needs in all policy areas;

c) to be a centre for mobilising, harmonising, formalising, recognising, legitimising, utilising, and prioritising the voices and actions of young people in the advancement of youth; and to be a unified voice for youth in the Commonwealth; and to encourage and extend, as appropriate, assistance to Commonwealth countries, in particular small states, in the promotion and acceleration of their youth development strategies;

d) to advocate the inclusion and , and encourage governments to include young people in delegations to international functions and as members of in particular, Commonwealth Ministerial Meetings, Commonwealth Heads of Governments meetings and United Nations meetings; and to support young people’s participation in election observer missions, Commonwealth Board of Governors and other Commonwealth meetings;

e) to be a centre for information on youth work and development, and accordingly collect, monitor, analyse and disseminate information including the exchange of experiences and best practices in youth-led development; and to provide a website, online resources and to create project plans and campaigns so that young people can be integral in the achievement of the Commonwealth youth development agenda and sustainable development; and

f) to partner with the Commonwealth Secretariat and other Commonwealth organisations with a focus on youth development, to ensure a relevant, impactful and unified youth development agenda across the Commonwealth.